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Professional Landscape Design,

Planning & Installation

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Site Specific Consultation Design, Planning & Support Services based on clients needs, environmental conditions and, the individual specifications of the site using native and, non-invasive plants, and editing existing landscape to enhance appropriate plants currently growing on site. Turning challenges into assets


Land and site assessment, analysis, design, and management through determination of the ecological setting of the site and landscape needs

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Proudly serving Leverett and the surrounding area since 1988, our staff is dedicated to providing prompt, quality care that you deserve.


• Existing conditions and vegetation

• Sun and shadow conditions, passive solar heating & cooling

• Slopes and drainage

• Landscape function: Views (to be focused on, enhanced or     screened into and out of the buildings and site), security,     parking, walkways & circulation, etc.

• Soil assessments

Expert consultations & “walk-throughs” including written reports, plans, and recommendations.


Garden “mentoring” and coaching.


Pre-construction site planning and protection.  Coordination and consultations with Architects, contractors, builders, and other trades people.


Address and solve issues with storm water management and water-runoff, drainage, & catchment issues using the least disruptive, aesthetically pleasing solutions to problems such as problem drainage areas and wet basements.


Assess and find solutions for site disturbances caused by construction, additions, remodeling, and new septic systems. Site specific post construction repair and restoration


Beautiful Stone Work: patios, walkways, and walls


Fine gardening, pruning, and light tree work


Integration of edibles in the landscape: plants that provide food as well as beauty.  No-till vegetable gardens.


Planting plans and plant lists specifically suited to the sites conditions (geological, hydrological, soil type, sun/shadow/shade) and the clients’ needs and desires

Landscape management plans (short and long term) that include organic fertilization and sustainable low maintenance options.

Editing the landscape for natives and ecological balance and diversity


Restore overgrown and over matured landscapes to their original beauty


Woodland management


Outdoor rooms, deck and balcony plantings, living privacy screens, sight and sound barriers, and arbors


Plant identification and inventory


Invasive plant species identification and removal


Design and creation of low maintenance, natural habitats for butterflies, pollinators, dragonflies, birds, other wildlife, and increased biodiversity (Habitat enhancement)


Alternatives to conventional lawns: reduction assessment and design of alternative plantings, meadows, grasslands, & shrublands of all sizes that are suitable as lawn replacement, and maintenance instruction for ease of transition to lawn replacement landscapes.(Habitat enhancement)


Ponds and water gardens (Habitat enhancement)


Sacred Spaces, Garden rooms and theme gardens